AVStrike Antivirus

AVStrike Antivirus 3.0

AVStrike Antivirus

• Multi-Layer Threat Defence: Get the power of advanced multi-layer threat defence system by combining anti-malware controls, PC Cleaner and Disk Cleaner. • Non-Intrusive Behaviour: AVStrike runs with a minimal background footprint, keeping your PC free to perform CPU intensive tasks. • Anti-Bot Protection: Detects bot-attacks using action-identification rather than the traditional signature detection technique, preventing computers from hackers. • Easy to use Management Console: AVStrike has one of the cleanest and user friendly management consoles, without losing out any functionality and advanced features. • Optimize Windows: Get the best out of your Windows System by fine tuning your system with 5 most essential tools like Disk Cleaner, PC Cleaner, Startup Manager, Registry Cleaner & Defragmenter.

AVStrike Antivirus


AVStrike Antivirus 3.0

User reviews about AVStrike Antivirus

  • oliviajones

    by oliviajones

    "Must Try Antivirus Software"

    Must Try !! Its good at threat removal and delivers promising result..   More.

  • Ryan Ruddy

    by Ryan Ruddy

    "AVStrike is Easy and Simple"

    I have been using the services of AVStrike since years. In my opinion, it is the best antivirus software providers an...   More.

  • mt33085

    by mt33085

    "Removed my viruses! A+"

    It is very hard to chose an antivirus these days since many will remove or block useful programs and revoke user perm...   More.

  • shounmarshal

    by shounmarshal

    "This app rocks"

    I have used AVStrike for years; and even have it installed on all of my devices. i have always found it really outst...   More.

  • RonDun

    by RonDun

    "Good tune up functions!"

    The tune up function works well and computer seems to working a lot faster.   More.

  • McGarner

    by McGarner

    "I'd say "OK""

    Download and installation was quick, ran the scan and so far so good..   More.